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Car Park Security Cages – Protecting your Property

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of your car park is more important than ever. With increasing cases of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, it has become important for apartment or unit owners to implement effective security measures. This is where car park security cages come into play.

Car park security cages, provide a reliable and efficient way to protect your valuables. These cages are designed using chain wire, posts and rail, which is a durable and sturdy material that can withstand external forces and prevent unauthorized entry.

But why are these security cages important for car parks specifically? Firstly, they act as a physical barrier, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your area of storage. Secondly, they also provide much needed additional storage for your belongings.

Moreover, car park security cages can also help in optimizing space and organizing the layout of your car park. By creating designated areas for different purposes, such as storage of boxes or large items such as a surfboard – you can maximize the use of your space.

Chain wire car park cages are unique in that they can be built on site and customised to avoid any obstructions that may be in the area, they can also be built to any height requirement – be it roof or waist high. When it comes to selecting your design, it is important to consider the positioning of your gate – will you need to move your vehicle to open the gate? If you place your gate to the right, will this reduce your ability to add storage shelves? Quite often, the best approach when your thinking about getting a car park chain wire cage installed is to request a quote and ask your local fencer about their recommendations for your space.

After your initial quote, you can expect your turn around time to be relatively quick based on how many gates you required. Some fencing contractors will purchase pre-made gates, however this method is not recommended for car park cages as quite often, a smaller than standard gate is needed. It generally takes one business day to build gates and install can quickly follow. The second trip to your building should be the only one required for install (providing everything goes to plan).

Before your contractor arrives to install your car park security cage, there are a few steps you will need to take. It is important that you contact body corporate or the owner of the property and notify them of your plans – it is also important that approval is received before proceeding with install. You will also need to make sure any smoke alarms are isolated on install day as your chain mesh cage will required welding. The area will also need to be free of obstructions and vehicles before your fencer arrives with the materials as space can be limited in underground car parks.

In summary, a chain wire security cage can be a game changer for anyone living in an apartment or unit due to the additional storage space and security they provide.

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