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Security Cages

Storage Cages and Security Cages from Brisbane to Gold Coast

When it comes to safeguarding assets or restricting access to potentially dangerous areas, few solutions offer the mix of reliability and flexibility that our chain wire security cages & storage cages do. Based in Yatala and extending our services from Brisbane to South of the Gold Coast, Apollo Fencing specialise in adaptable custom-designed cages that serve a range of purposes.

For a reliable, personalised chain wire storage solution, our cages are unmatched in both quality and versatility. Contact us today to explore how we can offer a secure solution to meet your storage needs.

Car Park Storage Cages

At Apollo Fencing, we understand the importance in maximising your storage spaces while keeping your items secure. Our custom-built car park storage cages are ideal for basements or apartment car parks and have a wide range of benefits:

Adaptable design options
One of the unique advantages of our cage design is its adaptability. Whether your car park or storage area is a blank canvas or full of tight corners and complex layouts, we will be able to provide a design solution to suit your needs.

Custom Width Builds
There is no need to lose your whole car park to be able to secure your possessions; as part of our consultation – we will discuss your needs and work with you to plan your storage space.

A Range of Gate Options
At Apollo Fencing – we understand the importance of the right gate for the right space and build all our gates to suit our customer’s needs. You will be able to specify exactly the style and size of gate you need for your apartment storage cage.

Bonnet Clearance Shelving
Add a little bit more space to your storage cage and still be able to park your car by including a bonnet-clearing shelf to your design. | Find the right balance between secure storage and car parking by adding a bonnet-clearing shelf at the front of your parking space. This shelf is designed to fit above the bonnet of your car and is the perfect solution for storing smaller items while still keeping the same space free to park your vehicle.

Variety of finishes
Choose the right finish for your space; our cages are available in either galvanised or black/green PVC finishes. Check out our chain wire fencing page to see the various finish options avaliable

Security Cages & Commercial Storage Cages

In the growing regions of South East Queensland, asset protection and equipment storage are more important than ever. To meet this growing need, Apollo Fencing’s custom-built chain wire security cages & commercial storage cages offer the ideal solution for protecting your equipment, inventory, or restricted areas.

Uncompromised Security
Our security cages are designed with your business’s safety in mind. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials offer protection against theft, vandalism, or unauthorised access. 

Adaptability at Its Best
One of the main features of our security cage design is their flexibility. Whether you’re dealing with odd-shaped rooms, tight spaces, or even existing obstructions like pipes or columns, our team of qualified and licensed fencing contractors can tailor a solution that fits perfectly into your business environment.

Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting
Our commercial security cages are not only tough but also cost-effective. Investing in high-quality security cages ensures a long-term solution that provides an excellent return. The durability of chain wire ensures minimal maintenance, giving you peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Multi-Functional Applications
Our security cages versatility makes them suitable for many business applications. These can range from securing high-value equipment in industrial settings to creating storage spaces in retail environments. 

Easy Installation and Scalability
Our security cages come with quick installation. As your business grows, so can your security measures. Our cages are easily scalable, allowing for expansions or adjustments as your storage needs evolve.

Our security cages provide a robust, adaptable, and cost-effective solution for enhancing your business security. With quick installation, scalability, and competitive pricing, our security cages are an ideal investment for protecting your company assets. Contact the team at Apollo Fencing today for a free site inspection and quote. 

Below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions related our range of apartment storage cages and security cages, for a full list of our frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page

A car park storage call in a secure storage area we will construction out of galvanised or PVC coated chain wire and steel or powdercoated posts. An enclosure will also have a lockable gate installed and will either be constructed to the ceiling height or have a roof constructed out of chain wire.

Over-bonnet storage is a type of storage space created within your car park that does not reduce a vehicle’s parking space. Enclosures are generally elevated off the ground with steel posts to allow bonnet clearance. 

To ensure your belongings are secure, it is recommended to ensure your car park storage is locked at all times. Enclosures can also be fitted with shade cloth to ensure your contents cannot be seen. 

We will be able to construct your car park enclosure to suit your needs. You can fill a whole car park space from floor to ceiling or take only a small portion for storage of smaller items. 

Absolutely. In the event of obstructions in your parking space, we will build your enclosure around these pipes or services. 

For a standard car park storage cage, you can expect the build to take approximately one day. For more complex designs, please allow a little bit more time. 

To secure the posts to the floor, walls or roof, they will need to be welded to flanges and dyna-bolted into the surface.  

Chain wire storage cages vary in cost depending on the complexity of the build. For a standard build, prices start at approximately $1500

Before works can start on your storage cage, you will need to get approval from you body corporate and inform them when the works are planned to commence. Welding posts to flanges is a part of the installation process and any smoke alarms will need to be isolated. Cars in the area will also need to be temporarily moved during the installation process. 

Not always, if you are able to provide enough information, measurements and pictures – we may be able to provide a quote without a site inspection.

We travel to Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales and surrounding suburbs. 

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