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Residential & Acreage Chain Wire Fencing

Acreage, Rural and Farm Fencing | Brisbane Gold Coast & Surrounds

Discover chain wire fencing solutions for your rural, farm, or acreage needs with our expert chain link fencing services. Based in Yatala, between Brisbane and Gold Coast, we extend our professional services to surrounding suburbs, ensuring top-quality fencing options for every landscape. Whether you’re securing your farm, securing your acreage, or creating fenced areas for your rural property, our durable and visually pleasing chain wire fences are the perfect choice. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering custom fencing solutions that meet your specific needs. Protect your property and elevate its appeal with our reliable fencing services, a trusted choice for property owners seeking excellence in rural and acreage fencing.

For reliable and long lasting chain wire fencing solutions for your home, acreage or farm – contact the team at Apollo Fencing today for a free quote. Our large service area ensures all suburbs from Brisbane to Gold Coast and surrounds are covered. 

Acreage Fencing

At Apollo Fencing, we understand the importance of not only protecting your acreage property but also ensuring you don’t lose your beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Chain link fencing is ideally suited to acreage fencing due to its wide range of benefits:

Low Price Point
Chain wire fencing is the most common option used to fence acreage properties in Brisbane and Gold Coast due to its exceptionally low price point. The price per meter for a 1.2m high chain wire fence can start from as little as $45.00 per lineal meter.

Versatile Fencing Options
Chain wire fencing is exceptional in its ability to adapt to the surrounding landscape and different terrains. Where other types of fencing options will need a stepped finish to suit a sloping terrain, chain link fencing matches the slope of the ground beautifully with its ability to be raked – your fence will match the angles of your terrain to achieve a very aesthetically pleasing finish. Acreage properties also benefit greatly from chain wire fencing options as the team at Apollo Fencing will be able to work around large trees and other obstacles in the area of the proposed fence line if required.

Custom Height Options
Acreage fences will quite often have different fence height requirements to suit the individual needs of the property. Chain wire fencing is available in heights ranging from 1.2 meters to over 3 meters if required.

Privacy Screening
A large number of acreage properties may have a boundary that requires screening while the other sides have beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. While other fencing methods will create a visual obstruction to all surrounds, chain wire fencing can have sections (or the whole perimeter) modified with a privacy screen to create your own private retreat.

Range of Gate Options
Chain wire gates are a fantastic addition to any acreage property in Brisbane or the Gold Coast due to their ability to be custom-made to suit any fence height or opening requirements your home may have. An added benefit is that a chain link gate can added seamlessly into any existing chain wire fence with only a slight modification to the existing fence line.

Multiple Colour Options
Acreage fencing has a range of different finish options. A property wishing for its perimeter to blend in with nature may choose a PVC-coated green finish, while a property wanting more formal results will go for PVC-coated black. The standard and most cost-effective option for an acreage fence is galvanized or silver finish.

Rural and Farm Fencing

At Apollo Fencing, we understand that fencing is not only important to the properties close to the city centers, but also to the rural and agricultural properties along the outskirts of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Tweed Valley, Lockyer Valley, Tamborine, Currumbin, Beaudesert, Nerang and Murwillumbah are all areas that we regularly provide rural, agricultural and farm fencing options for.

Some of our rural and farm fencing options include:

Barbed Wire Fencing
By far one of the most cost effective options and the standard for farm fencing, barbed wire fencing is composed of either posts and strands of barbed wire or pickets and strands of barbed wire. Posts can either be rammed or cemented into the ground.

Chain Link and Post Fencing
Chain link fencing is a fantastic option for rural properties looking to gain security around their perimeter without breaking the bank. Available in a height range of 1.2 meters to over 1.8 meters – it will assist in preventing the public and wildlife from accessing areas you with to secure.

Cable Fencing
By far the cheapest fencing option available, cable fencing is a picket or post with strands of cable creating a boundary.

Customised Solutions
If your property has a unique landscape that you feel may be complicated to fence, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Apollo Fencing to discuss your options. In operation for over 45 years, our team has vast amounts of experience with even the most complex landscapes and is more than happy to discuss your options with you. 

Contact us today to discover how our residential and acreage chain wire fencing can bring a new level of security and value to your property.

Below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions related our range of apartment storage cages and security cages, for a full list of our frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page

Chain wire fencing typically is avaliable in three standard finishes: PVC coated green, PVC coated black and galvanised. Posts will be powder coated to match the finish of wire that you choose. 

We will do our best to match the existing color of your chain link fence. However, a PVC fence will change shade over time from exposure and production colours may also change. Please visit our gallery to view the shades available to compare or give a member of our team a call

Acreage fences are typically 1.2m – 1.5m high from the ground. 

Chain wire fencing is unique in its ability to be able to be customised to suit most types of gates. For acreage properties with a chain wire fence, you will typically see a hinged chain wire gate

Chain wire acreage fencing is exceptionally affordable compared to other fencing options. For a 1.2m high chain wire fence, prices will start from $45.00 per lineal meter. 

Chain wire (also known as chain link, chain mesh or cyclone fencing) comes in various diamond sizes and thicknesses. Standard is a 60mm diamond with a wire thickness of 2.5mm. For a heavier finish diamond sizes are avaliable in 50mm (or a custom size) with a wire thickness of 3.15mm.

To ensure your fence is durable and lasts – it is recommended to cement your posts into the ground. For rural or farm fencing posts are typically rammed into the ground. 

A standard run of less than 100m of fencing can typically be installed in 2-3 days. One day will be for cementing in the posts, the others for installing chain wire, rails and gates. 

Our quotes will outline any requirements that need to be done prior to installation. However, standard fence installation preparation to be done before fencing contractors arrive is clearing the fence line, removing overgrowth and obstructions from the area, and ensuring the area can be accessed by contractors or machinery to install your new fence. 

Not always, if you are able to provide enough information, measurements and pictures – we may be able to provide a quote without a site inspection.

We travel to Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales, Beaudesert, Tweed Valley and surrounding suburbs. 

Please contact us on 07 3287 4361 or contact us by our online form.