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Wildlife Fencing

In the unique natural habitats of both the Australian bush and urban environments, human and wildlife coexistence needs careful consideration. To address this, we offer our specialised chain link wildlife fencing, focusing on materials as durable as they are environmentally considerate. This is especially relevant for protecting our native species like koalas and kangaroos, where our fencing acts as a barrier to reduce the potential risks from human activities or infrastructures, such as roads.

Our chain wire fences are engineered to form a robust barrier resilient to wildlife and weather, providing a solution that stands the test of time. Whether the area you need to be fenced is situated in the heart of Brisbane or the picturesque stretches of the Gold Coast, our customised fencing solutions adapt to the specific demands of your area. This makes it equally applicable in suburban settings with frequent wildlife-human interactions or in rural expanses where animal migration is a common occurrence.

But we don’t just stop at function; form is equally important to us. Our chain mesh fences come with customisation options that allow them to integrate naturally with the surrounding landscape. In addition, our installation practices meet the strictest environmental and safety guidelines, making our wildlife fences a responsible choice for the broader community.

To sum it up, our wildlife fencing solutions, including our specialised koala fencing options, deliver on all fronts—functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Designed for the unique ecological settings of South East Queensland, our chain link fencing serves as a dependable and visually harmonious safeguard for both human and animal inhabitants. When cohabitating with native wildlife, trust us to offer a comprehensive, responsible, and effective solution.